9790 County Road K, Hayward, WI 54843
Phone: (715) 638-1560   |  Fax: (715) 638-1549

Jenny Bisonette, Program Coordinator (715) 558-7734 or (715) 699-2959
Mary Tribble, Grant Manager (715) 558-7735 or (715) 699-2959
Carla Miller, Family Resource Specialist (715) 558-7739 or (715) 699-3403
Melody Guibord, Home Visitor (715) 558-7736 or (715) 699-3544
Dalana White, Home Visitor (715) 558-7737 or (715) 699-3963
Katrina Wolfe, Home Visitor (715) 558-7738 or (715) 699-3404

Services Provided

Mino Maajisewin (A Good Beginning) is a voluntary home visitation program that is designed to assist parents/caregivers in the care and development of their baby and young children. This program is available to federally enrolled (or eligible to enroll) Native American families living in Sawyer County who are pregnant and/or who are parents of young children. Services are available to first-time parents/caregivers or a non-first time parent/caregiver involved in child welfare services and/or receiving services for substance abuse and/or mental health.

Our goal is to engage a woman as early in her pregnancy as possible so that we can support her emotional and physical needs during this time. The Mino Maajisewin Program is particularly designed for families who have multiple needs. Due to requirements of the programs, Mino Maajisewin can only enroll a family before the child turns three months old. Once a family is enrolled, they can participate in the Mino Maajisewin program until the child turns five years old.