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Candidate Statements

We, the Anishinabeg, the people of Odaawaa-Zaaga'iganiing, the Lac Courte Oreilles Band, will sustain our heritage, preserving our past, strengthening our present, and embracing our future. We will defend our inherent sovereign rights and safeguard Mother Earth. We will provide for the educational, health, social welfare, and economic stability of the present and future generations.

Boozhoo all my relatives. Ozhaawashko-bineshiinh nindizhinikaaz, ma’iingan nindoodem. My english name is John “Randy” Cadotte, but most people know me as Randy. I am seeking your support for the upcoming Tribal Council elections.

Currently, I am the Executive Director of Operations at the Sevenwinds Casino. During my nearly twenty-year tenure, I have worked in various management positions which allowed me to refine my administration skills and also provided me an opportunity to enhance my financial proficiencies. I received my post-secondary education from Winona State University, UW-Madison, and here at LCO University.

Additionally, I have had the pleasure of serving and representing our Tribe on numerous Boards consisting of both non-profit organizations and profitable businesses. Through all these diverse experiences, I have acquired a unique set of forward-thinking, solution based and “outside the box” business skills which I believe could benefit our Tribe. These attributes have been learned through trial and error and more importantly, have taught me that it does not matter how many times you get knocked down, it only matters how fast you get back up!

On a more personal note, I have lived most of my life on our great Tribal lands. I grew up near Chief Lake in the Black Bear Community with my parents Bill and Jacqui Cadotte, two brothers and one sister. I am blessed with a beautiful wife, three gorgeous daughters and a charming son. I enjoy hunting and fishing and have also been known to donate to fantasy football leagues from time to time.

I love my family, I love our people, I love our Tribe and I love our way of life!