We, the Anishinabeg, the people of Odaawaa-Zaaga’iganiing, the Lac Courte Oreilles Band, will sustain our heritage, preserving our past, strengthening our present, and embracing our future. We will defend our inherent sovereign rights and safeguard Mother Earth. We will provide for the educational, health, social welfare, and economic stability of the present and future generations.


The Board of Regents oversees the Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe Community College. It is a regulatory board with seven members, an emeritus member with no vote, a tribal governing board liaison and the college president. Members serve 3-year terms and meet every other Wednesday.

Members Include:

  • Jason Bisonette, Chairperson
  • Monica Chase, Vice Chairperson
  • Marie Basty, Treasurer
  • Daryl Coons, Jr, Secretary
  • Gary Gerber
  • Kyle Van Acker
  • Melissa Lewis
  • Dr. Russell Swagger, LCO College President

The LCO University Community Library Board oversees the Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe Community College Library. It is an ad-hoc committee with seven members and a liaison from the Sawyer County Board. Committee members meet on the 3rd Wednesday of the month.

Members Include:
  • Marie Kuykendall, President
  • Faith Smith, Vice-President
  • Leslie Ramczyk
  • Katherine Marson
  • Jason Weaver, Sawyer County Board Appointee

The Enrollment Committee works in conjunction with the Enrollment Department and is responsible for review of applications for Tribal citizenship, acceptance of relinquishment requests, acceptance of requests to recind relinquishment, and recommending the acceptance or rejection of Citizenship applications or renunciation petitions to the Tribal Governing Board. It is a standing committee of seven members who are appointed by the Tribal Governing Board. Members serve 4-year terms concurrent with the terms of the appointing Tribal Governing Board members. Regular meetings of the committee are scheduled on the second Thursday of each month.

Members Include:
  • Cindy Miller, Chairperson
  • Janet Isham, Vice-chairperson
  • Donna Treadway-Lack, Secretary
  • J. William Cadotte, Member
  • W. Tibissum Rice
  • Becky Taylor
  • Cindy Taylor, Member

The Health Advisory Board is a regulatory board that oversees the tribal clinic. The board has seven members and the health director. Members serve 3-year terms and meet on the 2nd Tuesday of each month..

Members Include:
  • Vanessa Carrasco, Chairwoman
  • Gary Girard, Heath Center Director
  • Daryl Coons
  • Susie Taylor
  • Dorothy Sharon
  • Faith Smith
  • Mona Ingerson
  • Vicky Carpenich

The LCO Housing Authority Board is a regulatory board that oversees the LCO Housing Authority. The board has seven members and the housing director. Members serve 2-year terms and meet monthly.

Members Include:
  • Dan Grover
  • Trish Kakazu
  • Leslie Ramczyk
  • Tanya Manuelito
  • Chad Martin
  • Carole DeMain
  • Jamie Fleming
  • Jean Thayer, Housing Authority Director

The LCO Drug Task Force is an ad-hoc committee tasked with creating a tribal action plan to combat the opioid crisis that has affected LCO. The board has seven members. Members have no set term ad meet monthly.

Members Include:
  • Dottie Crust, Chairwoman
  • Diane Sullivan, Vice Chairwoman
  • Sue Aasen
  • Michelle Haskins
  • 3 vacancies
  • All Directors are expected to attend monthly meetings

The LCO Ojibwe School Board is made up of the LCO Tribal Governing Board members. The TGB members’ term is 4-years, the term of their elected positions. There is no set time for their meetings.

Members Include:
  • Louis Taylor, Chairman
  • Tweed Shuman, Secretary-Treasurer
  • Michelle Beaudin
  • Gary Clause
  • Don Carley
  • Bill Trepanier
  • David Bisonnette

The LCO Headstart Policy Committee is a committee that sets policy for the LCO Headstart and Early Headstart programs. The board has four members and the headstart director. Members meet on the last Friday of the month.

Members Include:
  • Jess Belille, Chair
  • Joy Taylor, Vice Chair
  • Katrina Wolf, Secretary
  • Dawn Isham
  • Barb Biller, Headstart Director

The Gaming Board of Commissioners, also known as the Gaming Commission, is a regulatory board that oversees all of the tribe’s gaming operations to insure they operate accordingly under gaming compact regulations. The board has five members and the gaming director. There is no set term and meet twice monthly, every other Wednesday.

Members Include:
  • Lynette Tribble, Chairperson
  • Preston Larson, Vice Chairperson
  • Kathy Baker
  • Arianna Johnson
  • Patricia Harrington
  • Dave Martinson, Interim Executive Director

The LCO Federal Credit Union Board of Directors is a standing committee that oversees the LCO Tribe’s credit union, the LCO Federal Credit Union. The board has seven members including the credit union dirctor. There are no set terms and meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

Members Include:
  • Richard Denomie, Sr, Chairperson
  • Norma Ross, Vice Chairperson
  • Treasurer, vacant
  • Secretary, vacant
  • Dolores Denasha, Board Member
  • Sirella Ford, Board Member
  • Gary Girard, Board Member
  • Tweed Shuman, TGB Representative
  • Joy Taylor, Interim General Manager


The Powwow Committee is a special purpose committee established to organize and operate the annual Honor the Earth Powwow, one of the largest powwows in North America. The committee has 15 coordinators who are paid for their work during powwow, but not for attending meetings. Their term on the committee is a lifetime appointment. They meet monthly and several times per month before Powwow.

Members Include:
  • Bonnie Corbine, Co-Chairwoman
  • Janet Quaderer, Co-Chairwoman
  • Cody Carley, Maintenance and Grounds
  • Jim Miller, Security
  • Delores Belille, Spirit Run Coordinator
  • Marcy Gouge, Traditional Foods Coordinator
  • Bezhig Hunter, Pageant Coordinator
  • Mike DeMain, Drum Coordinator/Arena Director
  • Paul LaCapa, Vendors Coordinator
  • Mark Lundeen, Sound Coordinator
  • Rusty Barber, Veteran’s Recognition

The LCO Financial Services Board of Directors is a regulatory board that oversees LCO Financial Services. The board has five members and the executive director and the dorector of operations. Members serve 3-year terms and it meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays every month from noon to 1:30 PM.

Members Include:
  • William Trepania, Treasurer
  • Daylene Sharlow, Secretary
  • Jason Weaver, Board Member
  • Don Carley, TGB Representative and Board Member
  • Tweed Shuman, TGB Representative and Board Member
  • Scott Soli, LCO Financial Services Executive Director
  • Bezhig Hunter, Pageant Coordinator
  • Trina Starr, LCO Financial Services Chief Administrative Officer

The Sawyer County/LCO Economic Development Committee is a joint committee made up of business and political leaders from both the LCO Reservation and other Sawyer County communities who work to increase economic development opportunities. The board has 17 members and a president. There is no set term and they meet the 1st Thursday of every month.

Members Include:
  • Monica Johnson, President
  • Amanda Wilson, Vice President
  • Jordan St. Germaine, Secretary
  • Jessica Wagner-Schultz
  • Tweed Shuman, LCO Tribal Governing Board & Sawyer County Board
  • Michelle Beaudin, LCO Tribal Governing Board
  • Mary Jo Becker
  • Luke Beirl
  • Craig Olson
  • Ed Peters
  • Mark Lundeen
  • Dr. Leo Carlson
  • Chris Rockdaschel
  • Mike Stamp
  • Stacey Hessel
  • Ben Kanters

The Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) Board of Directors is a standing committee that oversees the CCS program operated under LCO Behavioral Services. The board has six members and the director. There are no set terms and it meets quarterly.

Members Include:
  • Marie Kuykendall, Chairwoman
  • Rose Barber
  • Lisa Kisch
  • Laurie Rice
  • Deb Baker
  • Becky Taylor
  • Marie Basty, CCS Director


The Namekagon Transit Board of Directors is a joint board between representatives from Sawyer County and Lac Courte Oreilles that oversees the Namekagon Transit, a public transportation agency that serves both, the LCO Reservation, Hayward, and surrounding areas. The board has six members. There are no set terms and meets the 3rd Thursday of the month at 1:00 PM.

Members Include:
  • Ron Buckholz
  • Hal Helwig


The Big Fish Golf Course Board of Directors oversees the operations of the newly-acquired golf course by the Lac Courte Oreilles Tribe. The board consists of five members and the manager of the golf course. There are no set terms and it meets every other Wednesday at 1:00 PM at the gold course.

Members Include:
  • Christopher Rusk, Chairman
  • Randy Cadotte
  • Joe Morey
  • Michelle Beaudin, TGB representative
  • Tweed Shuman, TGB liaison
  • 1 vacancy