Lac Courte Oreilles Fire & EMS

9002 N Round Lake School Road, Hayward, WI 54843
Phone: (715) 699-1698

Jim Miller, Fire Chief

Program Description

The LCO Fire Department is a volunteer fire department that serves all residents and visitors within the external boundries of the Lac Courte Oreilles Reservation as well as some outlying areas. The department offers rescue, emergency medical, fire response, continuing education on fire prevention and other EMS topics. There is a crew of 31 members that are trained and continually train to m eet the emergency needs of our residents. The majority of our staff are dually trained Fire and EMR personnel. The department has a full complement of officers including a Fire Chief, Assistant Chief, Captain, 2 Lietuenants, Training Officer, and Safety Officer.

The LCO Fire Department holds monthly meetings and trainings. The department attends local community events suchs as parades, firework shows, community education events, and our local powwow. The LCO Fire Department has three (3) stations located around the reservation; decreasing emergency response time. Of the three stations, two (2) are fully functioning at this time. The department has agreements with several local community fire departments to respond with mutual aid in either districts. The LCO Fire Department also files reports with the National Fire Incident Reporting System.