Recovery Clinic - Bizhiki Wellness Center

13447 W County Road B, Hayward, WI 54843
Phone: (715) 699-1916 or (715) 558-7883
Fax: (715) 558-7589

Dr. Tina Stec, MD, MPH - Addiction Medicine Ext. 7728 or (715)-638-5174
Barbara Tyrolt, RN - Addiction Medicine Nurse Ext. 7732 or (715)-638-5174
Amanda Suino-Malcolm, NP - Addiction Medicine      Ext. 7730 or (715)-638-5162
Theresa Moore, Certified Medical Assistant       Ext. 7899
Recovery Clinic Specialist Ext. 7899

Program Description

We offer medication assisted treatment for substance use disorders. We can also help those with addictions with medications to help with mood, anxiety, and sleep. We see people for any substance use problem such as heroin, methamphetamine, alcohol, marijuana, or cigarette smoking.