Tina Schmock, Program Director Ext. 7434

Program Description

General Assistance (GA) provides monthly financial assistance payments to any single, non-custodial eligible Tribal Member who lacks adequate recourses to meet their basic life’s necessities which can include but not limited to shelter, heat, utilities, food and medical needs. The goal of General Assistance (GA) is to increase self-sufficiency by developing an Individual Self-sufficiency Plan (ISP), this plan must show the specific steps you’ll take to increase independence.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Applications must be filled out for services
  • Must be enrolled in a federally recognized tribe
  • Does not have sufficient resources to meet the essential need items as defined by the BIA's standards of assistance, and
  • The applicant must reside within the boundaries of the Lac Courte Reservation at all times.
  • Apply concurrently for all other Federal, state, tribal, county, local programs for which he/she may be eligible
  • Not be receiving any comparable public assistance
  • Must cooperate and participate with Individual Self Sufficiency Plan (ISP)
  • Applicant must be present for all case reviews, appointments, and prepared for home visits every 90 day
  • Applicant must participate in work program required by the Program (when applicable)

Download → General Assistance Application here