Dan Butler, Director      

Program Description

The LCO Food Distribution Program offers food in lieu of Food Stamps. In an attempt to overcome the problems of hunger on the Reservations by providing eligible households with a well-balanced, nutritiousmonthly food package, a new nutrition program was developed. We believe in providing a nutritious food package for eligible households and Nutritious Education to improve the quality of life on the LCO Reservation.

Services Offered:

  • Providing nutritious food package for eligible households
  • Nutrition Education
  • Weekly Food Demonstrations

Eligibility Requirements

  • Anyone living within LCO Reservation boundaries and "Indian households" living outside the Reservation but in the rural areas of Sawyer, Rusk, Bayfield, and Washburn County.
  • Net income limits are revised annually to reflect the cost of living changes.
  • Eligibility is determined by using 80% of gross earned income or 100% of gross unearned income.