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Services We Provide

The objective of the Authority is to implement the Lac Courte Oreilles Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Tribal Consumer Financial Services Regulatory Code (“Code”), and any later promulgated regulations, to ensure fair and equitable treatment of consumers and to enforce compliance of the Code.

The Code details the Authority’s duties and services.  The core functions focus on protecting consumers by:

  • Wiping out unfair and illegal practices

  • Writing rules and promulgating regulations

  • Accept, review, approve, or deny any Application for license

  • Supervising licensees

  • Enforcing tribal and applicable federal laws

  • Receiving and resolving consumer complaints

  • Monitoring financial market and products to prevent risks to consumers

  • Overseeing the consumer dispute resolution process

The Authority implements this Code and regulations promulgated thereunder to ensure fair and equitable treatment of Consumers and to enforce compliance of the Code by Licensees. 

Additionally, under the federal Consumer Financial Protection Act (“CFPA”), 12 USC § 5552, the Authority is empowered to work in concert with the CFPB and state agencies to enforce they CFPA, any of its enumerated consumer protection laws, and all CFPB regulations, with respect to Tribal licensees.