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Lac Courte Oreilles/Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Consolidated Tribal Government Program — Higher Education

Our mission is to promote opportunities to Tribal members by providing encouragement, support and financial assistance to those pursuing their educational, training and employment goals.

The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Consolidated Tribal Government Program-Education consists of three (3) programs. These programs are designed to assist eligible Lac Courte Oreilles Tribal applicants obtain their educational, training, and employment related goals. All programs are based upon funding availability and calendar limits, whichever comes first. Any assistance shall not be approved and provided without prior director consent and authorization.

The Programs Are: Higher Education, Job Program & Training, hereafter JP&T (formerly AVT or Adult Vocational Training) and Direct Employment

The programs offer many services including scholarship or grant assistance, transportation, work clothing/gear, career exploration, resumé creation and more!

  • Need help starting your new job?
  • Are you an Undergrad or Grad student seeking financial assistance?
  • Are you a student needing help seeking out valuable resources to fund your college education?
  • Has an exciting training opportunity presented itself and you need help getting started?
  • On a job search and need help along the way?

Dependent on your needs together we can help you achieve self-sufficiency by helping you achieve your educational, training or employment goals.

Eligibility Requirements

To be determined eligible for the BIA Scholarship, JP&T or Direct Employment Program the following must apply:

  • Grants are available to individuals who are ¼ or more degree Indian, Eskimo, or Aleut; who are members of tribes served by the Bureau of Indian Affairs
  • Must show a financial need

Application Process

  • Obtain and complete an application for the program you feel may meet your needs.
  • Provide any documents needed to help us determine eligibility.

This webpage does not contain every Federal Regulation associated with these programs. If you would like more information, feel free to contact the Education Department.

Direct Employment, contact Higher Ed. Office for Cover Letter, Application and E.V.F. (potential clients would also need to submit estimates, quotes, invoices, receipts for any approved assistance.):

Job Program & Training JP&T, (if obtaining certificate/license), contact Higher Ed. Office for cover letter which contains checklist form, plus all relevant forms required to assist in attendance:

Higher Education: For forms and more information, please contact the Higher Ed. Office staff at 715-634-8934 or email Bill White or Amy Quaderer

Students and clients are not complete until they request and receive a cover letter from us. Please call or email us requesting this form.

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